Supplement Your LAN

It seems only logical that the best place to mount a wireless access point is in the center of the office or space, and this is mostly true. This was proven by physics using a mathematical equation that determined that the best location for wireless devices in any structure is generally in the direct center with workarounds to fix low-coverage areas.

Extra-range and directional antennas change the Wi-Fi capabilities beyond rotating the factory-installed. Coax cable can be used if spaces are particularly tight.

Firmware updates will generally help any electronic device. And though Wi-Fi seems the natural next step, sometimes a business can overlook this obvious solution to effectively expand their LAN without heavy cost or disruption via new UTP cabling. Team Cnet installs and configures fast and secure Wi-Fi throughout the workplace which exponentially increases productivity and revenue-generation.

But beware, although wireless technologies like 802.11AC has accelerated theoretical speeds the WLAN should supplement your Wired LAN and not be a replacement. A hard-lined category 6/7 cable or fiber uplink is steady and reliable where true duplex communications are achieved. The enterprise wired LAN must be built within the core and distribution of the network with wireless access points serving devices and users.